What is SEO? ( Search Engine Optimization ) and How to do SEO?

What is SEO and how to do seo?

What is SEO? ( Search Engine Optimization ) and How to do SEO?

What is SEO? ( Search Engine Optimization ) and How to do SEO? –Halal IT

SEO (Search engine Optimization) is like digital marketing of a website. If you have an economic site or blog site and you working hard for your site. You updating more and more good qualities contents but your website can’t reach a good position or traffic, on the other hand, your friend has medium qualities contents and he has earned money from his website and his website is the topper of some keyword. The difference between you and your friend is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). He did SEO for this reason he ranked and you didn’t. Let’s know about SEO


We can divide SEO into 04 steps.

  1.     Keyword Selection
  2.     Content Writing
  3.     On-page SEO
  4.     Off-page SEO
how to do seo

how to do SEO

Keyword Selection:-

If you want to write an article first you have to choose the topic then you have to research keyword and make a list. You can research keyword by google search suggestion and related search, google keyword planner, Uber Suggest, Soovle, LSIgraph, Wikipedia, forum, KW finder, etc. After keyword selection, you have to select the best keyword. You may have a question in mind how to understands which is the best keyword? It’s so simple first of all you have to see low competitive with good search volumes keyword. Then you can get the best keyword for you.


Content Writing:-

Content writing is an important part of SEO. If you want to rank on google you have must good content. Content writing is the tuff things for the beginner. If you want to write a good article first off all check other’s article then gather knowledge then take and make notes then start to writing if you think you can’t write a good article then my first advice to you hire a freelancer.

Article Optimization Guide:

  •        Title tag Optimization
  •        Introduction, body, Conclusion
  •        Keyword prominence (KW on top 100-120 words)
  •        Use h1, h2, h3 Tags.
  •        Use short paragraphs.
  •        Put gaps between lines.
  •        Make it through


On-page Optimization:-

On-page optimization is a thing that you have to optimize your website in a boundary. Let’s know-how can you do your on-page optimization

  •        Make at least 3 articles ready before you start
  •        Complete Basic Optimization

Meta Description, Permalink, Tag, Category, etc.

  •        Publish your 3 articles with proper optimization
  •        Install  Google + Bing Search Console/ Webmaster
  •        Submit Sitemap
  •        Install Google Analytics
  •        Keep working…


OFF-Page Optimization:-

Everyone wants to rank on the Search engine. Off-page optimization is a thing that most help you to rank in google.  The Search Engine finds out the best result for the searcher. If you have good qualities content and good relationship with others website, he thinks you are better than another website. Off-page optimization helps you to do better relationship with others website. Link building is the main things of off-page SEO. You can build link for your website by forum sites, web 2.0 sites and other blogging websites.  (More SEO tips)


All of the things if you unable do to any steps of these 4 steps better you connect with us.

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